Dendrochronological sites of the Siberian middle transect

Map’s type change

The button in the form of a stack of sheets (upper right corner) opens a list of several display modes - Scheme, Satellite, Hybrid and People's Map.

Scaling elements

The “plus-minus” buttons allow you to change the resolution of the map with a certain step. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom.


To measure the distance - click the ruler at the right bottom and draw points on the map.

Site selection by numbered label

Information about objects appears as a pop-up hyperlink and does not cover the useful area of the map near the place mark.

Full screen map

The two arrows button (upper right corner) expands the map to the entire browser screen. Pressing it again restores the original size.

Map search

Search a fragment of the map by city address, name of settlement or by data of latitude and longitude.

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