The AutoCellRow (ACR) software

The AutoCellRow (ACR) is a free libre open-source image-analysis tool to perform measurements of xylem cell traits in
high-quality images e.g., .tiff, .jpg, .bmp, .png, formats) developed in Python Programming Language and working in
Microsoft Windows environment.

The ACR is maximally automated and intuitive software orientated to quantify xylem cell traits along the radial axis of
cell radial files in cross-sectional images of conifers. The number of xylem cell traits measured by ACR is broad,
including cell lumen diameter, cell wall thickness, cell size, recognition of early and latewood cells, among others.
In addition, ACR allows to automatically plot a tracheidogram of a chosen row within a giving tree-ring, being of
interest for the seasonal analysis of xylem cell traits.

Thus, ACR offers an excellent alternative to the general and semiautomatic QWA tools currently available.

Downloads test ACR image of cell profile (Resolution ratio = 2.26 mkm/pixel)

Terms of Use

            The software is freely available to use under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons license.
            If you intend to use this software for an academic publication or report, we would appreciate your 
            acknowledgement of the origin of the software by referencing the following article:
            Dyachuk P., Arzac A., Peresunko P., Videnin S., Ilyin V.A., Assaulianov R., Babushkin E.A., 
            Zhirnov D., Belokopytova L., Vaganov E.A., Shishov V.V. 2020. 
            AutoCellRow (ACR) – A new tool for the automatic quantification of cell radial files in conifer images.
            Dendrochronologia. V. 60, 125687. DOI: 10.1016/j.dendro.2020.125687

Creating an issue. Issues can be used to keep track of bugs, enhancements, or other requests.

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