VS-Cambium-Developer (VS-CD) software

VS-CD is a web application, which implements an improved version of the cambial block algorithm of 
the Vaganov-Shashkin model. It is based on the hypothesis of the presence of a cytoplasmic inhibitor of 
cell differentiation and reproduces the process of cambial activity of coniferous species of woody plants, 
depending on the action of the key climatic factors (temperature, soil moisture and light).

The application is implemented using the R programming language and the Shiny package. 
There is the source code of the application at the foot of a current page.

The program based on the VS-CD model algorithm makes it possible to present data on all divisions for the 
season in the form of a division tree with nodes reflecting three main characteristics of each division: 

    (1) Period of the cell cycle of the mother cell. 
    (2) Concentration of the inhibitor in the cell in the M phase.
    (3) Cell growth rate in the G1 phase.

Cambial zone development is visualized step-by-step using the “ribbon” diagram. 
It is a visual model of radial file in a given time. Current inhibitor concentration is indicated 
for every cell. New cell is indicated by violet color. First left cell is initial, last is the closest
to core wood. All cells are the same size in every step.

Modelling results are also visualized by diagrams of cell development kinetics. There are the following:

    (1) Cell development kinetics depending on it's position in radial file.
    (2) Cell development kinetics depending on it's date of origin.
    (3) Cell dividing trend in a season.

Terms of Use

    The software is freely available to use under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons license.
If you intend to use this software for an academic publication or report, we would appreciate your  
acknowledgement of the origin of the software by referencing the following article: Belousova, D.A.,
Shishov, V.V., Babushkina, E.A. et al. VS-Cambium-Developer: A New Approach to Modeling the Functioning 
of the Cambial Zone of Conifers under the Influence of Environmental Factors. 
Russ J Ecol 52, 358–367 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1134/S1067413621050040

For all questions concerning the launch and operation of the application, please contact the developer:
Daria Belousova, daryadarya1611@gmail.com.

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